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Welcome to the:
"Fanconi Anemia Web"

Fanconi Anemia Web Spring 2001
Fanconi Anemia is a rare and terminal genetic childhood disease that results in death due to Bone marrow failure.
See Tucker's "Tucker Time!" photo page
         My baby boy Tucker's fatal Fanconi Anemia diagnosis totally devastated and  encompassed my life with despair...Never have I experienced such a profound weeping of my soul...
The only way I Knew that I was going to be able to break the paralyzing depression I was in, was to try to turn my despair into Hope . By devoting myself to "Taking  Action" And doing all  I can to offer help and resources to others dealing with this heartbreaking disease, and to provide up to date access to medical documentation for Doctors, researchers, medical students and anyone seeking knowlege on this very rare genetic childhood
disease.  I pray there is a "Miracle" behind the tragedy of this disease...for it is well documented that researchers world wide are learning more and more that equal to the extreme rareness of Fanconi Anemia is counter matched by concentrated properties and similarities that with continued research could unveil a cure for cancer and Leukemia as well. That truly would be a breakthrough for all mankind not just the rare several thousand Fanconi Anemia cases reported globally. The urgency of continued research is also why I created this Web Site to generate a comradery of Fundraising efforts, volunteers and contributions to The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. I also  donate 20% of my web site design fee to the Research Fund as well at my other site:
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For any one needing any kind of site ,  Logos, brochures ,etc. Graphics  of any kind for a Fanconi Anemia Research Fundraising event
Patient related Tribute or Memorial
 I am Honored to offer my complete services totally free of charge.

"Together...We Can turn the key...and unlock the cure!"
Spining Key By Greta Lovejoy

     Fanconi Anemia is an inherited  genetic disorder that primarily affects children by severely attacking their bone marrow. There is no known cure for Fanconi Anemia. No one can predict the age when marrow failure begins in FA patients. The median age of onset is approximately 7 years.
     The average age of death usually occurs between  3- 13 years of age. In a great many patients, the first sign of FA is the appearance of aplastic anemia, a condition in which the bone marrow does not produce enough red cells, white cells or platelets to protect the body and allow the
patient to Thrive.

The "Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc"
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A very special hand to David and Lynn Frohnmayer
 and the tireless staff at the:
 Fanconi Anemia Research Fund,Inc.
Download complete Medical information and research documentation.
Bone Marrow Registries and other vital organizations.
And Support for those dealing with this heartbreaking disease.

              In Tribute to the Bravery and Memory of those that have Lost their battle with Fanconi Anemia...
                      There is the:
    "In Loving Remembrance"
     Memorial Upload Page
where their unique stories and Pictures can be Posted and shared.
There is also:
 Prayer  and Grief  Support

  Children afflicted with Fanconi Anemia and their families would so much benefit from donated Frequent Flyer Miles for emergency flights to Children's Hospitals!
Please Help us in making this Possible for Families struggling with this Brutal Childhood Disease.
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The Key to a cure is continued Genetic Research.

Spining Key By Greta Lovejoy